Happy Birthday Cesar Azpilicueta! (August 28, 1989)

Messi is my god

Anonymous said: how many followers dyou have

Does it really matter? 

have a guess then

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omg it’s a secret! if you really wanna know please come off anon

I don’t really even know why I have saved some of them, they’re embarrassing

i hope you’re right, there is also fa cup and the champions league so i guess all the players will be given a chance to play.. haha yeah he did but brought drogba few days later :D

Exactly, even Cech will play many games this season for sure :) “the starting 11 doesn’t win trophies, the squad does” once heard that from someone and I must agree with that

i know right, i’m kinda sad about that too, but i’ve heard ac milan wants him on loan, that might actually be good for him

yeah, it’d be good for him but I think he is still in Jose’s plans for the next season tho. We can’t manage the season only with Costa and Drogba and, however, Jose said our transfer window is closed haha

Same and also I’m disappointed Salah isn’t in the squad. He had a great pre season

Yep, it’s obvious that our squad is very strong and that the younger/not so experienced players can’t always be in the squad. There are even Mikel, Ramires and Willian on the bench “ahead of” MVG and Salah so it’s quite understandable that they aren’t involved but of course disappointing as well. :(