players i fell in love with during the world cup:

antoine griezmann, france nt

David Luiz giving interview, a “little” drunk, for an italian channel. (x)

HE’S DONE IT!! The greatest night in the history of Chelsea Football Club! European Champions! They’ve beaten Bayern in their own backyard! They’ve found the holy grail after adventure frought with danger! And Drogba may never play for Chelsea again, he’ll never be forgotten. He’s immortal at this football club…
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The best of Ashley Cole, via Twitter. [x]

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"You can never forget what it feels like to lift the world cup." (x)
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Young World Cup fans

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2014/15 Barclays Premier League: the teams.

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[33/] favourite photos of David Luiz

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Stadiums I need to go: Stamford Bridge. (London, England)
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Hey my followers. I just want to let you know that I’m leaving to Paris tomorrow (Monday) and I won’t be online during that time (one and a half week).

I try to check out my tumblr always when possible but I’m sorry if I don’t answer your messages in time! But enjoy my queue. :)


until I have seen your face you look like your icon 

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Fill in your own football biography


Club Football

Favorite football club? Chelsea 

Support any other clubs? Yes | No

If yes, which? Dortmund and Barça 

Own their jersey? Yes (CHELSEA’S) | No | 

Favorite Player(s) from your club? Van Ginkel, Hazard and all of them tbh.

Player(s) you wished to play at your club? Hmm don’t know really, Griezmann? 

Football club you don’t like? Hahah, there’s many. Man Utd, Real Madrid, Bayern, Arsenal, Liverpool, PSG, Juventus and so on, don’t hate me.

Favorite player(s) from other club? Griezmann, Eriksen and many others.

Player(s) you don’t like? Pepe?

Favorite League? Premier league.

International Football

Favorite national team? Finland, yooo. (+Spain and Germany.)

Favorite player(s) from NT? Moisander… maybe?

Own their jersey? Yes | No

Seen your NT win the World Cup? Yes | No (lol c’mon I’m from Finland)


Ever seen your favorite player playing live? Yes | No

Ever met a football player? Yes | No

Do you go to matches of your favorite club? I wish I could.

(Feel free to add your own questions)

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Holy shit this thunder